Natural Self-Healing Books

From me and Dr. Lalita graduated from the Faculty of Medicine. Ramathibodi Hospital. 2516 We both have the same ambition. It will find ways to keep people as healthy as possible. Instead of taking the current medicine without end. At the end, we were the first Thai doctors to have chance to study acupuncture in Beijing. It is the beginning of our research in the field of natural healing.

We learn more about fasting. Maintaining a healthy colon Using Vitamins, Healing, Yoga, Qigong, Concentration, and Hemlock to the science of psychic healing.

We both had acupuncture clinics and natural therapies. 1982, which expanded into the role of Balvie - Center for natural healing at a later time. He has founded a publishing house to distribute natural healing books to Thai society since. 2530

With 30 years in the role of non-drug physician An experience rich hair and MD. Lalita has been used as a source of knowledge in written and edited books Homeopathy more than 100 art to convey this knowledge to a healthy self-reliant.

To make it easy for you to visit this site. In choosing the right book. We classify books according to health issues in each area. In a manner called problem oriented, there are health problems. Then select the category. So you can choose the right book. And because natural healing emphasizes holistic healing. If you take care of the full range of food, detoxification, physical exercise, mental administration and nutritional supplements. The recommended book in each disease is very common. Consumers can choose to read a few books as appropriate.

The choice of vitamins or supplements. We also provide advice on how to choose the right food for each health problem. But in another web site. The health of you to use your judgment to the next.

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Diabetes CureDiabetes self-healing
Composer: Dr. Paiboon Jatuporn
Diabetes CureDiabetes Control Manual With Natural Healing
Author: Lalita Thira Siris
Diabetes CureEat meat - eat vegetables, treat diabetes and lose weight do not have to fast.
Written by: Dr.Visawan Yaowapongsiri, MD, Associate Professor Dr. Jirapan Sawangkul, Assoc.
Arthritis Pain Relief KitMovement
Author: Lalita Thira Siris
Allergy TreatmentsAllergies in children are self-healing.
Author: Lalita Thira Siris